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WEN YUAN KUI HOTEL, a unique local flavored four-star one with the Ming and Qing Dynasty architectural style, is located at 88 Chenghuangmiao Street, to the west of the glorious Nan Dajie, the west of the Confucius Temple, the north of the Ancient City Wall and the south of the City Tower with unique sight inside the World Cultural Heritage Site, Pingyao Ancient City. It was the place where ancient scholars studying in the nearby Confucius Temple used to get together. The thousands of years’ history, rich cultural denotation of the ancient city and the leisurely life style of the natives offer you a relaxed enjoyment and the modern hotel with the classic furniture will meet every need on your trip. The 3-courtyard hotel is made up of the dining hall on the street and the accommodation department at the back on the north –south axis. The dining hall offers you the delicious local food and the unique scenery. The deluxe suites and standard guest rooms provide you the ideal accommodation surroundings. Welcome to WEN YUAN KUI HOTEL!


客栈简介(图1) 客栈简介(图2)